Sneaking for lollies (speech)

Do you have a weak Parent. Is it your Mum or Dad. It's important to know which parent is the weak parent. Try the parent test go up to both of your parents say something you want like “can I have some lollies?” Which ever one says the magic word yes is the weak parent. Well I found out it's my Dad. My Dad usually says yes because he glued to his phone or not listening or calling Sunny sun about spray paint in the building or the pipes being blocked. You need to be careful the other parent doesn't find out!

Now and then, when milk was low, or to get some lollies, I would head to a garage also know as challenge. But this one time Kate and I weren't able to go. But this didn't stop us at all because we had the weak Parent. We crept silently with cheeky smirk pasted on our faces.
“Dad can we go to challenge.”
We move on are tiptoe but we had shifty eye to make sure we didn't get  caught. We Scrape around money and looked in jars. But in the end we came out with $4.50 for each of us. Speedy eyes and tiptoes were are only way to make it out alive. When we raced out our eyes stared glint and gleam.
When we made it there. Kate said.
“We should get the 2 for 1 deal. “
We went  thru the gate chatting away.  The sweet and sugary sensation made us feel hyper.  But then the dragon found us… my mum. Her face crinkled up, her eyes sharp, she looked at the lollies in our hands and noticed the ones hidden between my teeth. She yelled “Who said you could go to the garage?”
“Dad did!” She turned and steered at him she gave him the look. The look means was she bursting with rage the dragon will look into your soul and burn it to ashes.

Now remember when you are sneaking always ask your weak Parent (that's my dad who is the weak parent) but make sure they don’t get in trouble too!

By Maggie


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