Week 9: flipping frogs slingshot rocket ad

Week:9 flipping frogs slingshots  rocket and angle launcher
This week we have been rotating around and creating  different types of projectiles like the flipping frogs , angle launches , and slingshot rocket.

About the slingshot rocket.
The slingshot rocket is an elastic and wind resistant toy. The slingshot rocket went further because it had less weight, and also people had been cutting rubber bands in half  to make their slingshot better than the popsicle sticks and rubber bands because it was a longer rubber band.

About the flipping frog.
This is a flipping toy made out of cardboard, paper clips, tape and an elastic band. We think the key materials are the elastic band and the cardboard because it helps it have elastic potential energy and the cardboard is the base of the frog.

About the angle launcher .
The angle launcher is a launcher which measures angle. There is about 3 ranges short range, medium range and the last rage is long( we weren't allowed to have it on long range). The key angle was 45 degrees because it might have the right amount of up and down. The longest measurement was 0.3m.

By Addison and Maggie


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