Thank you letter

Dear Mrs Hull and Mrs Jones
I have written a little thank you letter. When I was in your class I felt a lot of emotions but I will tell you a few. I felt nervous because I knew no one except two people.  I felt like I was star struck. But I hope next time I go into your class I might make some new friends.

I also had more emotions like scared.  When someone went crazy it felt like there was a lump in my throat that I was trying to swallow. One question: has it been that bad in the past?

The emotion I felt the most was happy 😊. For a lot of examples playing chair ball and winning, playing pole tag with my friends, and discovery that made me feel even more happy😊 even if my slime did fail.

Overall it was an emotional roller coaster but a happy one because I made some new friends because of my friend Connie.

So thank you for letting me into your class, even when the going was hard, you and  Mrs Hull helped me. So one last big thank you.

From Maggie


  1. Hi Maggie this is a great letter. It is very well written and reads like you are really talking! One of the things I love about you is that you think about your emotions. It is a very intelligent and mature thing to do. You could end up being my boss! Love Dad


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