science journal: week 4 trebuchet

LWeek 4: Trebuchet.
So if you have been reading my inquiry section on my blog, you know I have been working on the balloon rocket experiment. Now the class has changed to catapult aka a trebuchet. We have put lead bars in the counterweight. When you put, well let's say 20 (which was all of the weights), the counterweight would push it down and the pivot will turn the throwing arm so the sling will throw the ball and land at about 11.8m. Why is it when you put more weights why does it go so far away? I think it's because if you put more weight the throwing arm makes it  go further away. I wonder if you put more than 20 weights would it go further away or not so far. I rate myself as gathering data as Multi structural because not all of it is connected. For inferencing, multistructural because I still don't feel confident.


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