Responsible citizen

        Responsible Citizen
Are you a responsible citizen or not?  Responsible citizens have a very important role to play in the community and school and everywhere they go, keeping the community safe clean and fun.

 A responsible citizen follows the rules and laws. If no one followed the rules the world would be a  dangerous place. People would die. No one would be safe on the roads and  lots of people would go to prison. The rules and  laws are there to  keep all people safe. The people I think follow the rules and laws are my Mum and Dad because they don't steal! They are very very very safe on the road and help people learn!!!

 Another thing, a responsible citizen is trustworthy. If no one  was trustworthy the no one can be trusted and even you the person who is reading.  A person ‍I think who is trustworthy is my family (except my brother) but my Mum and Dad still lie to keep me safe.

A role model is something else a responsible citizen is. This is what would happen if we didn't have role models: people would copy bad actions like dropping a piece of rubbish. When we do have good role models a little action has a big impact on everyone like picking up a some rubbish lots of people will start picking up rubbish!

Overall I hope you are a  responsible citizen because everyone needs responsible citizens in their community because it keeps the community safe, happy fun and the best community ever.


  1. Your writing reminds me of my mum and dad because they were doing everything you wrote. It is very interesting that whoever reads it will really like it 😀


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