Responsible citizen reflection

When I started looking at responsible citizen I didn't know what it meant to be a responsible citizen I didn't even know much about it but I had many ideas 💡for example I thought it might be about following rules and laws or perhaps volunteering. So I guessed that I was multistructural because I had many ideas💡that were here and there and everywhere. Now I'm much better and I have learnt about being a responsible citizen. I now know what it means to be a helpful bystander. The role play we did in class helped me understand this. I now realise that turning up regularly to things like French club (which I'm not very good at turning up to) and singing is being a responsible citizen. It is also good to help out the teachers by turning up for wet day monitor duty. It is also important to include other people in games and activities.  I think I am now relational.

This term when the toilets were clogged at school I re-tied up a rope to stop people going through a no-go zone. I did skill sharing with classes with my friend. I turned up to my radio DJs duty prepared and on time. I have remembered to do my wet day monitoring. I have a cat called whiskers and I have taken better care of her after listening to the visit from the vet. I have been kind and caring to my friends and have included them in things.

My project helps people to be a responsible citizen because they can pass down the knowledge they have learnt from us. Also I have given up my learning time so other people could learn from us.  People think cat care is easy but it's not- I have a wild cat from oamaru so it would be a challenge for someone to look after her for the day!!

I found it a challenge to be a helpful bystander when my friends got into a fight. I'm going to keep trying but I know I might fail.

I really liked teaching the other kids to draw- it was fun  and it made me feel  happy 😊.  I really liked the vet nurse coming in because I learnt lots about pets. I also learnt it's very rare for dogs and cats to have exploding gall bladders like mum’s. The time bank lady was interesting.


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